Program Description

What People Are Saying....

"As a member of the Iowa Youth Congress, you will have many experiences that you will be able to draw on later in life. These experiences will help prepare you to fully participate in your community and be one of our future leaders."

–Thomas J. Vilsack, Former Governor of Iowa
–Sally J. Pederson, Former Lt. Governor

“As we consider the skills needed for the 21st century, one of these is civic literacy. This proposed project would provide Iowa minority youth the opportunity to learn first hand the process by which public policy is influenced and formed.”

–Judy Jeffery, Former Director
Iowa Dept. of Education

"This is a great project, and I am sure through the selection process this spring, to the Congress this fall, that we will see increased interest in civic matters among the student who participate."

–Tom Harkin, U. S. Senator

“As a first generation immigrant I want to thank you and everyone involved for helping develop the “Youth Civic Participation Project.”

–Ray Hoffman



Classroom in Tama

South Tama County Community High School students during a presentation on the IYC prior to their election