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Program Description

Iowa Youth Congress Program

When you participate in the Iowa Youth Congress, you have the opportunity to lead and make your voice heard. To meet and discuss issues with state legislators. To see how government really works. To work with high school students from across Iowa.

All Iowa high schools are invited to participate in the Iowa Youth Congress. 100 representatives and 100 alternates convene yearly in the Iowa House Chambers in Des Moines. They hold elections and then propose, debate and pass three bills. Then a plan is created to present the bills to state lawmakers in the following legislative session. Participants have a real, unique opportunity to influence the policies in their state! The 2014 Annual Event will take place from October 2-4, 2014.

All costs are covered by the program's sponsors.



Description of SIYAC and IYC

To apply, complete this year’s application and email, fax or mail it.  

SIYAC and IYC application

  1. To email: download and email to Nicole.Lewis@iowa.gov.
  2. To Fax: print and fax to 515-242-6119
  3. To mail: print and mail to

Iowa Youth Congress
Iowa Department of Human Rights
Lucas State Office Building, 2nd Floor
Des Moines, IA 50319

Can’t wait to meet everyone! Thanks!