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Program Description

Iowa Youth Congress Program

When you participate in the Iowa Youth Congress, you have the opportunity to lead and make your voice heard. To meet and discuss issues with state legislators. To see how government really works. To work with high school students from across Iowa.

The Iowa Youth Congress offers approximately 100 underrepresented high school students aging from 15 to 18 years of age the chance to become forward thinkers by providing them with practical and realistic ways to experience democratic values and civic engagement. Specific skills attained throughout IYC include public speaking, problem solving, and active participation with regional meetings, community relations, and gaining comfort in multicultural leadership settings. The Iowa Youth Congress strives to be a force in ending biases by advocating for youth in Iowa they are from diverse background practicing civic engagement while developing certain leadership skills. The students meet to discuss and formulate bills about issues that they feel are pressing to youth in their communities at regional meetings in August and reconvene in October at the Iowa State Capitol to present their bills to Iowa legislators followed by a celebatory Dream Forward Dinner.

The Iowa Youth Congress (IYC) is a diverse and dynamic group of student representatives and we are always looking for students with new perspectives. Any Iowa high school student can apply to be part of IYC. There is no cost to participate and the program will provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities accepted into IYC. All costs are covered by the program's sponsors.



2015 SIYAC IYC Application

  1. To email: download and email to Jessica.McMillan@iowa.gov
  2. To Fax: print and fax to 515-242-6119
  3. To mail: print and mail to

Iowa Youth Congress
Iowa Department of Human Rights
Lucas State Office Building, 2nd Floor
Des Moines, IA 50319

We look forward to reviewing your application to take part in the 2015 Iowa Youth Congress